Epoxy Coating Flooring - Decorative Flooring

Features :

  • Natural Touch and Feeling
  • Water Proof
  • Fine Sound Insulation
  • Non Toxic
  • Easy to keep sanitized
  • High Durability & Flexibility
  • Easy to Install & Maintain
  • Application Areas:
    • Home Interiors
    • TV / Film Studio
    • Hotels and Restaurants
    • Indoor Sports
    • Office Spaces
    • Conference Rooms
    • Corporate Spaces
Decorative Floor
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Decorative Floor

Ecofloormate - Epoxy Decorative Flooring

Our floors come in a great range of colours and stylish design finishes. We offer market specific colour collections, custom colors and textures that define great design.

Decoration takes first place while thinking of room design yet ecofloormate would be first on the list if you have experienced a epoxy Decorative floor before. 3D Royal's resin floors feel best, look best and work perfectly.

We intend to proffer you with a distinct route in designing your interior with drawings, colored or glossy self-leveling floors. Our professional team follows architectural tendencies from around the world and will individually create a suitable floor and color for you. We are the specialist industrial flooring contractor in India who undertake effective floor preparation coating, leveling, decorative floor finishes, and other commercial flooring skills such as line marking and repairs.

Epoxy flooring is a thermosetting resin applied as a protective and decorative coating to a concrete substrate. Epoxy has many benefits to match a number of unique characteristics.

Aesthetics – Epoxy flooring can be applied in a range of stains and customizable color options in addition to a variety of gloss levels. Further design options include the addition of colored microchips and metallic finishes.

Maintenance – Since epoxy is a seamless flooring option, the substrate is protected from chemicals, dirt, liquids and other contaminates. This makes the floors easy to clean, requiring only a walk behind scrubber or standard mopping with a general-purpose cleaner – no waxing or buffing is necessary. Epoxy floors do not require much maintenance other than standard cleaning, making them a great long-term value option.

Durability – Workloads on epoxy floors can vary from foot traffic to truck and forklift traffic. This industrial flooring option can withstand daily abuse from a wide variety of equipment and manufacturing processes. As an abrasion and chemical-resistant material, epoxy flooring meets the durability needs of most industrial manufacturers.

Installation – Having a professional flooring contractor oversee the installation is critical. Improper installation will cause the coating to prematurely chip and peel. Additionally, the substrate must be properly prepped before any coating can be applied. Installation time varies dependent on thickness and size of the project. A 10k square-foot installation can most often be completed in about one week.

Costs – Cost considerations will vary depending on size, design and layout. Lifecycle costs are usually advantageous for epoxy floors as their low maintenance combined with longevity and durability lead to low costs post installation.

Applications – As one of the most versatile flooring options, epoxy flooring is great for industrial, commercial, correctional, medical, food manufacturing, aviation, recreational, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, veterinary, educational, grocery and retail markets.