Rubber Tile (Rubber Mat)

Features :

  • Rubber Tile/ Rubber Mat
  • Excellent Load Bearing Capacity
  • Available in a variety of sizes & thicknesses
  • Interlock, Dotted, MultiColor
  • Durable Shock Absorbent Structure
  • Non Slip Surface Even When Wet
  • Multiple Color Options
  • High Impact Absorption
  • Anti Slip / Non-Skid
  • High Durability & Flexibility
  • Easy to Install & Maintain
  • Application Areas:
    • Gym and Weight Lifting Area
    • TV Studio and other Acoustical Area
    • Playground Area (Indoor | Outdoor)
Rubber Tile
Rubber Mat - Playground
Rubber Mat - Gym Fitness
Playground Safety Rubber Mats
Rubber Mat - Sports Surfaces
Rubber Mat - Interlocking
Rubber Mat - Pathway
MultiColor Rubber Tiles
MultiColor Rubber Tiles

Play Area Rubber Tiles

No playground is complete without safety surfacing to cushion falls and stumbles. GreenSmile playground sturdy tiles are designed exclusively to reduce the risk of serious injury associated with falls from playground equipment.

GreenSmile sturdy rubber tiles provide a sure safe surface that makes them highly desirable in a variety of leisure environment. Long lasting tiles provide low maintenance, noise reducing, non-slip reliability and are quiet yet soft underfoot. GreenSmile all weather safety playground sturdy tile flooring allow our children to play without the high risk of permanent injury.

Pathway Track Rubber Tiles

Over time, running surfaces for organized track events have evolved; many competitive tracks are now made of rubber or a rubber compound. Rubber tracks are less likely to generate stress fractures among runners than asphalt or concrete pavement, which produce much more force on leg muscles, bones and tendons.

GreenSmile sturdy rubber tile really makes a difference on floors that get the roughest and toughest use. It is the latest innovation in floor covering for sports areas.

Gym Fitness Rubber Mat Surface

GreenSmile Tiles are seamless, cushioned, Multi-Functional floors with point-elastic properties. It is relatively inexpensive and extremely durable. GreenSmile interlocking sturdy tile flooring is functional while still appealing to one's aesthetic sensibilities. Apart from its noise reduction properties, it also protects the sub-floor from dropped weights. It is perfect to exercise on, it is easy on calves & ankles. Available in varied thickness & colors Strong enough to support heavy traffic and exercise equipment, such as treadmills and weight training equipment, rubber gym flooring's versatility is perfect for multipurpose athletic floors.